Monday, 4 February 2008

K= Knees

The traffic light turned red, and a group of teenage girls crossed the road. They were out together making the most of the last days of summer freedom before the school year begins again later this week. They were all so beautiful, young and slim.

I ached for the days when I too, wore shorts unselfconsciously, my knees enjoying their public exposure, not realising that there would be a time when I wouldn't want to do that anymore.

I didn't know what I had at the time. The young never do.


  1. Having been a chubby kid, I can remember no time at all when I wore shorts unselfconsciously. It's something that will forever remain a mystery: What's life like for the skinny kid who has never thought about their weight? It must be the most amazing thing.

    On the flip side, I've worked so hard at an exercise regimen in adulthood that I imagine is there only because I don't want to be the fat kid again. So maybe the not-taking-it-for-granted thing turned out OK.

    Still...what was that LIKE? Ah, to know...but if it's unselfconscious, can one know?

  2. I was Madame Average, and it never occured to me that I should be self-conscious at all until puberty when I suddenly needed two bras and an ace bandage to run track. Luckily I was a late bloomer, because I bloomed pretty strikingly and fast. I totally took the average life for granted, and it's only been in the past few years that I've realized, umm, that other things have an advantage all their own.

  3. I was very sporty and wore little netball skirts and very brief shorts at athletics relatively unselfconsciously.

    But I had wide hips, and a mother who had an obsession with "pot tummies" and so always thought I was fat.


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