Monday, 3 March 2008

O = Organisation

I love being organised. Everything in its place, and a place for everything. Being able to go unerringly to a file or drawer or cupboard to find whatever it is I want. Popping things away when I’m done with them, knowing I can retrieve them whenever I like. And being able to put my hands on the perfect bottle of wine without scrabbling around on my knees with a torch.

Being organised to me means feeling that everything is under control. Being organised means peace of mind.


Unfortunately, that happens for me about twice a year. If I'm lucky. Organisation is something I continually aspire to, like climbing a mountain. No sooner do I get to the summit, exhilarated with my success, then I teeter, lose my balance, and hurtle downwards into a more normal state of chaos and endless good intentions.


  1. I think you live in my house...

  2. Ha ha, so true. I think you speak for many of us...

  3. Welcome to my office. As soon as I'm organized, I think, I will never let THAT happen again. I will file everything immediately. Ha!

  4. Organised chaos: aim for that.Also obviously on top of mountain no room to put anything :)


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