Monday, 21 April 2008

U = Unknown

At 45 you’d think I’d know a few things by now. But I feel as if the list of unknown things is just growing as I age.

This morning though I learned two things I didn’t know yesterday.

  1. A water contractor we use regularly has their base at the bottom of our hill. I drive past it every day, but noticed it only this morning.
  2. 25% Americans are Catholic. Never knew that. Thanks to the BBC for informing me whilst I was on the Arc Trainer at the gym.

Still, there are a lot of things still on my list of unknowns. Questions that arose this morning at the gym:

  • Is the Arc Trainer really worth it?
  • Why did I think I was fat when I was so slim?
  • Why don’t politicians know when to stop talking?
  • What is wrong with elitism?
  • Is the Tall Poppy Syndrome a uniquely kiwi issue? If so why?
  • How can America portray itself as the most civilised nation on earth yet have 3000 people on death row? (another fact I learned this morning on the BBC)
  • How come the French got great food and wine, fashion AND the sexiest language on earth?
  • Australians ... why?
  • Why do I like clothes so much?
  • Why can’t some people have children and others, who shouldn’t, have dozens?
  • Has my sister gone into labour yet?


  1. Apparently there are now more Catholics than Anglicans in England....and as for the other questions, I like to be helpful, so:

    In order:
    1 don't know.
    2 conditioning
    3 fear
    4 depends who you are
    5/6 Hands off the TPS it's ours: but have you ever noticed that the people who allegedly get cut down to size are really annoying and pretend people don't like them because they are noble legends. Classic case: Russell Crowe -one of yours...
    7 I wasn't aware that it did,[and look how many people the other country which really thinks it is the most civilised country in the world has on death row or would have if it didn't just knock them off really quickly (clue: olympics)] because as you say
    8 there's france: for brains and sense of humour check out my gestank post
    9 I know you're being provocative
    9 Russell Crowe; Why?
    10 you aren't a nudist
    11 I see yr point, but who has dozens of kids?
    12 see 1

    rather terse eh? must have been number 9.

  2. Mrs S - I did think twice about no.9 but just couldn't resist ... is it too late to apologise????
    Interesting you guys think you have Tall Poppy Syndrome. People here say that Australians know how to celebrate success and we need to do ... cough splutter ... be more like you ...
    Oh - and I know someone who does have at least a dozen kids, and someone else (a nutcase) who is onto number 10.

  3. I can't believe I care: I have totally gone native. Thank god for cricket.

  4. OK, what is tall poppy syndrome? This must be a down under expression...

  5. Helen - here'sthe wikipedia explanation of Tall Poppy Syndrome, which says that it is used in Canada, as well as Aust and NZ and surprisingly the UK too. Obviously not so much in Canada though!

  6. I tried the link, but Wikipedia doesn't appear to know what it is either.

  7. I always wonder exactly who gets to do the portraying when it comes to entire countries, and I always suspect it's not the majority. Most civilized on earth, eh? If it were true, it would be frightening.

  8. Helen - the link should have worked, but here's the text of the first para...

    "Tall Poppy Syndrome (TPS) is a pejorative term used in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand to describe what is seen as a levelling social attitude. Someone is said to be suffering from tall poppy syndrome when his or her assumption of a higher economic, social or political position attracts criticism, being perceived as presumptuous, attention seeking or without merit. Alternately, it is seen as a societal trait in which people of genuine merit are criticized or resented because the attention given them elevates them above their peers."

    IB ... Agree!! No country should have that mantle.

  9. I've heard the term before.


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