Sunday, 4 May 2008

X = Xanthippe

The wife of Socrates (Mrs S no doubt knows all about her) bequeathed women with a damning stereotype. She may have been unjustly accused. Plato spoke well of her, and I like this analysis of the Phaedo scene.

Blogging is so educational.

This reminds me of an incident in the 1980s. Then New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange once got himself in trouble by reading a letter from a complaining constituent, and scrawling “She’s a shrew!” across it. The letter was mistakenly sent back to the woman along with the more diplomatic official reply.


  1. Who'd be a woman in Ancient Athens? Hubby always mooning after teenage boys,or 'conducting a symposium' with them, and you only there to get with the kids, and unless you have the nerve to be like Lysistrata, life's no least we know who Xanthippe was,other famous Athenian women being...........(tumbleweed blows by)
    Oh yeah, Melina Mercouri.

  2. Mistakenly? I would suspect some scheming underling...


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