Thursday, 8 May 2008

Y = Yesterday

5.55am Awake from a nightmare – involving Jennifer Garner, star-gazing, and cockroaches in my hair. Not sure which is the scariest.

8.30 Establish with some relief that only my GST (goods and services tax) return and payment was due yesterday. Finish calculations. Disgusted at pathetic number of offsets available to me. I obviously need to buy more business-related stuff!

9.30 Begin spybot scan before doing internet banking transfer.

10.30 Inexplicably spybot scan is still going on and I need to leave.

11.00 Get great Mojo coffee (my one and only coffee for the day) and feel so much better. I’m not a great coffee drinker, but I must have one once a day. I’m of the view that if I drink coffee, it has to be really good (ie not homemade – I make terrible coffee). It’s the best coffee in the city – I relish every sip/gulp.

11.30 Meeting with CEO. We’re having a power struggle between the Board and management - a relationship that by design has innate tensions. Whilst we are on similar wavelengths for most issues and have an excellent working relationship, on this one I have to put my foot down. I shudder every time I hear of fraud charges brought against company directors, and so try to make sure I operate by the book.

1.10 Yay, no ticket! Parking in Central Wellington is not easy to find. And the parking wardens are vigilant. Too often I get back to my car just 5 or 10 minutes late, and get hit with a ticket. Not today though!

1.30 Bought a pretty box for my mother’s Mothers’ Day present. I’m never sure where to put the apostrophe on Mother’s/Mothers’ Day. Is it a day for a singular mother (ie mine, or for all mothers? Found this amusing site.

1.45 Shopping for my husband’s birthday next week. I want to get him DVDs of a TV series he has loved for 30 years. But the DVDs available are confusing. Are they really asking $29.99 for just one episode per DVD, but with a whole pile of extras (interviews, discussions about the set etc) which are just boring padding and which he’ll never watch? Or are the titles for a series of episodes. Resolve to research in detail on the internet.

2.05 Receive phone call from brother-in-law. Sister seriously stressed out with new baby and her lack of growth, and needs help next week. I’m to coordinate with other sister to see which of us is available to go and help when he gets back to work.

3.00 Lamb shanks in orange juice, onions, garlic, mustard and rosemary in oven.

3.15 Disconnect my portable hard drive and complete spybot check quickly. Pay my tax, and cringe at the state of my bank account, and the lack of confirmed forward work in my order book.

3.30 Starting to stress out. It’s been a few years now since I learned I was unable to have children. It’s something we all assume we can do if we want to, and so recovering from that shock was a long process. It has been some time now since I have contemplated holding a baby in my arms, with all the related emotions. Hoping I will be able to cope, as I do want to help.

4.00 Afternoon spent creating Mothers’ Day present. I have a series of flower photographs from my recent trip to Krabi, and I am creating a Flower Series notecard set. What do you think?

5.30 The house is full of the smell of lamb shanks. Yum.

Older sister wants to be first to see our new niece. Stress relieved. She goes next week. Agree to send her a lamb shank recipe.

6.45 Finish preparing dinner.

7.30 Open a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and enjoy melt in the mouth lamb shanks.

8.30 After about a 6 week hiatus, Lost is back on TV. More mysteries of course. The smoke monster reappeared. What IS that? But where did the polar bear go? And why don’t they just do away with Ben? What is Michael doing on the boat? Naveen Andrews as sexy as ever. (Did you see him in The English Patient? Swoon!)

10.30 Aaaaahhhhh. Reading in bed quietly must be one of life’s greatest and simplest pleasures. Pity about the book.


  1. Oh, so much here, and just loved it. So many insights into various aspects of your life.

    Congratulations on the niece. I know others who struggle with the same feelings as you, in the same situation as you, with new nieces/nephews like you. It's so strangely difficult.

    You seem quite glamorous to me.

    I love the notecards (can we get them in the states?) and, admittedly, Naveen Andrews.

    "Pity about the book." Lucky I wasn't sipping a fine wine at the moment I read that. I would have lost it.

  2. Sounds like a big full day.

    Helping a friend who has just come to the final acceptance of infertility figure out "what now?" & thought of you. Funny how the internet works like that.

    After I miscarried, I didn't meet Mike's niece until six months later at Christmas (she was 5 months old and only a two hour drive away...).

  3. Are you sure it's not "husbands' birthday's"?

    Fabulous photos. But don't give any Lost spoilers on your blog, I haven't seen Season 4 yet!

  4. IB: Glamorous? Not sure how ... obviously you can't see me at the moment!

    Perhaps I should make and sell notecards as a sideline.

    B: I can totally relate to your feelings about Mike's niece at the time.

    Helen: husband's or husbands'- I'd better go count ...

    Lost is so confusing I don't think I could explain it to you anyway.

  5. Lamb shank time: aah. Red wine and barley, in a soup: if you get it right it's like a roast dinner in a bowl.


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