Monday, 23 June 2008

I = Inspiration

I find inspiration in many places. Unfortunately, I act on this inspiration far less frequently.

The other day, I was driving home and saw a big yellow bus with a neon sign saying “Sorry.” It has inspired me to write a short story. I intend submitting it for a competition but will do so NEXT month after it’s been polished a bit. If I don't chicken out, that is.

On Friday, a “home office” shop inspired me to plan on tidying my office and have it beautifully and expensively organised. It might happen. I have good intentions of doing it.

My travels inspire me to paint. I got into painting when going through a rough time. I loved it, finding it very therapeutic. But I haven't done it for a long time. I feel inspired to start again.

The Biggest Loser inspires me to exercise more, as I watch from the couch with my glass of wine.

The magazines I read in my favourite coffee shops give me a lot of inspiration, both for my career and life in general. For example, Cuisine magazine inspires me to want to create beautiful meals and buy fabulous wine. My favourite cuisine recipe is a sienese recipe for chicken, prunes, spices and lots of booze.

Izzie and Sarah inspired me to help others, and so now I do.

And my blogger friends inspire me daily:

  • to really see the world around me ... and to learn more about birds (IB)
  • to write more about my life experiences (Bridgett)
  • to appreciate the good and often simple things in life, and how to be a friend (Deloney)
  • to laugh at life (Helen)
  • to be more poetic (Mrs S)


  1. Sigh. Inspiration is seriously lacking up here in Missouri these days. But your inspirations inspire me to look for more.

  2. Submit it! Submit it! And don't forget to laugh at death as well...

  3. go for it! and don't forget you've inspired me too (altho, I'm stuck on the letter C ... or I was.)

  4. Oooo, definitely submit it. And believe me when I say that you are a constant inspiration too.

    Thanks for this!


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