Friday, 8 August 2008

V = Vacillate

It’s time for V.

I thought about writing about vegetables. I love vegetables, as long as they’re done in interesting ways, like the Moroccan salads, but I’ve talked about those over on my travelalphablog. And intend talking about vegetables when I write about Spain too. After all, travel and food go together. I love tomatoes, and could wax lyrical about them and them alone, but might need to save that for T if I go through the alphabet again.

Or should I just turn to my travelalphablog and write the “U is for …” entry. After all, T is for Thailand has been sitting there for a while now. But then I’d have to hunt up all my old photographs, scan them etc. Takes ages. Not in mood. And V won’t go away.

I had a V for Valour written – but that was appropriate for ANZAC Day which is in April and it’s now August. Gaack, it’s August!!

I love the word varmint (I’m surprised it’s in the Concise Oxford!) but aside from liking how it sounds, have nothing to say about it.

I could do V for Venison, and write about my dad going deer-stalking, but only ever eat farmed not wild venison so the link is a bit artificial.

V could be for Vanity but my vanity has already been exposed under U is for Uniform.

And V for Vernacular is tempting, but there’s been such good writing about language elsewhere recently I’m not going to try and go there. Not this time round anyway.

I’m not in the mood to write about Vile, Vicious, Villain, Violate or Violence. I’m not a Virgin, a Victim, Vulgar, Vexed or particularly Vigorous today (any day?).

So perhaps I should work on my other project? Except that I’m listening to some interesting stuff on the radio right now and can’t do the two of them at once. Not very well at least. Verily, verily.

I should really do some work tasks that have been lying around for a while. But I’d need to concentrate. See above re radio discussion keeping my attention. Perhaps I should do V for Vacuous, or Verisimilitude.

I could have a nap. I feel sleepy. But the guilt would be overwhelming when husband slaving away at work … V is for Valid.

Or should I go do the ironing? Nah. Doing that during the day reminds me that although I might be a company director, I’m also a domestic slave. Sigh. That brings me to V for Vicissitude.


It’s for Vacillate.


  1. V is for very nice.

    Here, my mostly hick inlaws don't call it venison. It is "Deer Meat."

    And Varmint: is it a variant on vermin? Hmm.

  2. It is!

  3. And you coyly avoided the obvious.

  4. Meaning, umm, of course, volta: the Greek word for an after supper walk.

  5. D: Oh dear. How could I forget that?!

  6. To err is human: to vacillate, divine.
    I've encroached on your territory today, literally.......

  7. This kept the corners of my mouth veering upward.

    And my word verification for this comment is vugpju.


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