Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Y = Yiminy and other Ys

“Do you know what yiminy means?” I asked my friend as we left Sweet Mama’s restaurant on Courtenay Place. Jambalaya with friends on a cold night after seeing the film Prague is an excellent way of passing a cold rainy August Monday evening.

“Yemeni?” she said, “as in from Yemen?”

“No, yiminy as in by yiminy.”

She looked at me quizzically. I started to explain, but how can you really convey the essence of Helen and keep the story short or avoid being distracted? (Note: for clarification, see comments on X=XX) Anyway, after an afternoon of googling yiminy, and consulting my well-read friend, I was really none the wiser.

So we turned to other things. Twenty minutes later we were still talking furiously as I pulled up outside her apartment, still talking as she got out of the car, and barely stopped as she shut the door. By this time we were debating the merits of a gold medal in the shot put over a bronze in the 1500 metres.

The two of us could talk the hind-leg off a donkey, as my dad would have said. Why is it that possessors of the Y-chromosome just don’t get a woman’s need to converse, and the pleasure that can be taken, sharing ideas and lives? It should be admired, but instead “yak, yak, yak,” they complain.



  1. I always thought yiminy was a bastardization of jiminy, which in turn was one of those words you said instead of saying Jesus Christ as an oath or swear term, thus saving yourself from eternal damnation and the whole bit. I've heard jiminy cricket (yes, I know, like from the disney film) and jiminy christmas. Jiminy

  2. Yeegads and zounds, this is good!

  3. I love that your friend immediately went to Yemeni.

    And thanks for the yak nod!


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