Thursday, 25 September 2008

H = Heroes

When I was young there were certain accomplishments I aspired to, that I thought would make me happy. Generally, I admired the people who had achieved what I wanted, and wanted to emulate them. The successful, powerful people who seemed so full of the confidence and financial security I never had.

Now though I know what it can take to make these achievements. The type of person you might have to be to get there. What you might have to do. I’ve come to know executives who will walk over their friends to get what they want, diplomats you can’t trust, gossips who will make up anything, politicians who neglect their families, and business people working such long hours they’re never there to say goodnight to their kids or be with their partner, hoping the big house or fancy car will be recompense. And I’ve been through a few things that have lead me to look at life differently. I finally realised that reaching that next big goal is not going to make me happy long term. There’s always another goal coming along. Relishing the process of living, of striving for something worthwhile, sometimes just being, is where I now feel joy and pride.

So, today the people who are my heroes would probably not have made the list twenty years ago.
  • Those who care for vulnerable friends, an ill parent, or a lonely child
  • Those who dedicate their lives to working with young people, despite not being able to have children themselves
  • Those who nurture their relationships
  • Those who take the road less travelled, whatever that might be
  • Those who volunteer for their community
  • Those who make me laugh without bringing someone else down
  • Those who deliver warmth and encouragement to fellow bloggers
  • Those who understand “for better or worse”

These are my heroes, life’s true success stories. I’m so proud to know you all.


  1. All true. And David Tennant of course. No wonder you win so many awards

  2. I am like Dan Milligan in Puckoon: I'm a hero wid coward's legs...

  3. Sigh ... David Tennant ...

    so, are you checking which page you're on?

  4. My heroes these days are those who have balance in their lives: work, family, self. Because that is just so elusive in this day and age ...

  5. A most wonderful reminder of what's important. Thank you.


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