Friday, 26 September 2008

I = Intelligence

Sometimes there is need to reassess the meaning of intelligence. I think I did a little of that in my previous post.

I like it when sterotypes are questioned. It keeps us alert, aware, on our toes.

This news item was my favourite of the week. I suspect bird nerds will like it too. It’s worth listening to, or follow this link and watch the videos.

Don’t stone the crows!

Hitchcock would have loved it.


  1. AACK! I clicked on the link for the video and was told it is no longer available, and the firewall or whatever it is here won't let me listen to the broadcast. But I don't question the intelligence of birds. I once stayed at a B&B where the owner had a parrot and some other type of bird. One of them liked to pick up spoons from the dining room table and drop them on the cat's head.

  2. AACK indeed! It was all about New Caledonian crows who are deemed to be more intelligent than apes, solving problems and manufacturing tools.

    I love the story of the parrots, spoons and cat with a sore head!

  3. Crows with crowbars?
    Parrots with spoons?

    think I'll stay safe inside, where there are 2 cats and no birds ....


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