Thursday, 9 October 2008

M = Mali

Mali means jasmine in Thai. I always thought that if I started an interior design business I would call it Jasmine Design. Or perhaps run the Jasmine Day Spa. (I could get free massages and facials. How good would that be?)

Teachers and friends at school in Bangkok gave me the name Mali. Now, only my husband calls me Mali, usually when he’s showing off that he can still speak a bit of Thai, or when he is trying to butter me up for something. So it feels strange to think that there are a group of people who only know me as Mali. I don’t think I’m any different as Mali as I am when I am [******]. If anything, I am probably more like me. There is something liberating in anonymity, although I'm not entirely anonymous. I few of my friends who know me (as opposed to my friends who have never met me) read this blog, though they don’t ever comment. (Hint!).

So Mali protects me. Besides, it is much more exotic than my name. A very 60s, middle New Zealand kind of name. I think I would like to be exotic.

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet"

But would it?


  1. Only if it were called jasmine...

  2. Is it pronounced Molly or Muh-LEE or some other way?

  3. Over the years I've morphed into my invention Deloney.

  4. I love the name Mali. And I love now knowing what it means. I had assumed a connection with the country.

    Oddly, when I chose Indigo Bunting, I never really thought about it being thought of as a first and last name, what with it being the name of a bird. So the shortening of it to Indigo came as a surprise--one it turns out I like.

    I'm sure I'd have no trouble calling you and Deloney by your real names if we were to meet, but I'd also like to be privileged enough to also call you by these ones.

  5. Mali is quite a lovely name.

    It is interesting the way we tend to morph into our creations, as Del puts it, when it comes to our internet aliases. There are several that I've used over the years, but I got tired of them and have decided to come to this party dressed as my own self.

  6. I'm sure "a very 60s, middle New Zealand kind of name" would sound exotic to me!


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