Wednesday, 15 October 2008

N = Nanowrimo

I was introduced to this whole blogging deal after completing Nanowrimo. Two years ago I felt I had finally found myself again after a few years when I was struggling with that. I was enjoying my professional life, but unlike many had the luxury of time and was keen to try some writing. I heard an enthusiastic blogger speaking on Radio NZ National about this Nanowrimo thing. Most particularly, he said “you’ve always said you’d write a book one day. Well, now it’s one day.” I liked the idea of that, and thought that I should see if I could in fact do it.

I cheated a little, and wrote a story based on some of my own experiences. But I found it exhilarating, and when it ended, found a link to the x365 page. From then I was hooked. Last year I wanted to try it again, but was overseas for the first few days and didn’t really have the motivation to get stuck in once I got home.

In a few hours I’m going to Europe for three weeks. Maybe I’ll find inspiration there to start working on it. If not, there might be some good blogging material.

See you in November, though I’ll try and pop in with you all while I'm away, perhaps from the Cinque Terre.


  1. Oh, have a wonderful trip! I am utterly envious.

    I should read more about Nanowrimo. I know a bunch of folk who have tried it. Can't imagine having the time, as I seem to be barely able to blog...

    Are you on vacation?

  2. I did it last year when I read about it in your little blogger bio. Don't know if I'll have time this year. It was fun.

  3. Europe for 3 weeks? Tuscany & Provence, the colors and cool breezes of fall? soooooo, soooo jealous ...

    and admiring the tenacity of the NaNoWriMo crowd. nope, can't pay attention that long.

  4. I am also sooo sooo jealous. If you see George there tell him I'd like an invitation to Lake Como.

  5. Here I am in London at an internet cafe! Geneva on Friday and then Italy on Saturday. Helen - sorry - if I see George I won't be mentioning anyone else. THough you would of course be invited to the wedding! (ssshhhh don't tell my husband ...)


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