Monday, 8 December 2008

U = Underwear

Some years ago when I was going through a difficult time, a friend suggested I go out and buy myself some sexy underwear. At the time, sexy was the last thing I felt like. It was feeling sexy that had caused all this trouble, after all!

But one day I did as she suggested. And although it took me a while to feel sexy again, I did feel

a) younger
b) more pert
b) more feminine (which was particularly important at the time)
c) more beautiful, and
d) a wee bit naughty!

Whatever size you are, whatever you might be doing, don’t underestimate the rejuvenating power of some new underwear, a sexy new bra. They can lift your spirits as well as those cheeks and boobs!


Mrs Slocombe said...

You've convinced me: Mr Slocombe won't know what hit him.

Indigo Bunting said...

This is generally good advice. However, we of the flat chests can find this to be a devastating experience when manufacturers don't bother making anything that fits us.

LisaS said...

IB, it's equally devastating for the copiously endowed. in fact, more so since we're supposedly so lucky.

so I just buy sexy shoes instead.

Helen said...

Someone once bought me a red silk thong to throw in my "romance corner" (some friends of mine were circulating a book on feng shuiing -- I know, it's probably not a verb -- one's living space). Out of curiosity I tried it on. Yikes. Definitely not a youthful, pert, feminine or beautiful look.

Mr Slocombe said...

Oh my God: what have you done?

Indigo Bunting said...

Lisa: I can imagine this would be true. And I have developed a bit of a shoe thing.

Mr. S: You know you love it.

Mali said...

Ok I will add that sexy shoes are also good - especially if they make you feel
younger (more pert? yes, shoes can do that!)
more feminine
more beautiful,
and (most importantly) a wee bit naughty!

Mali said...

Mrs S: Oooh you are awful, but I like you!