Wednesday, 10 December 2008

V = Vintage

Five years ago, I had a doctor who kept referring to “women of your vintage.” I felt like a wine that was souring, turning into vinegar, appropriately barren. He was trying to be considerate, but it would have been kinder if he had just been blunt.

Now, though, I am a very different vintage. Richer in character, able to stand up to time, changing and aging in the best possible way. I like to feel I’m maturing well. I like my vintage. It is one of the best. The kind to be celebrated, treasured, appreciated. So I do.

Vintage. There’s a lot in a word. And in five years.


  1. This post makes me very, very happy. Thank you!

  2. From the doctor's mouth, it sounds condescending. Claiming it as your own is kind of a classy thing.

  3. My gosh, what vintage is your doctor to have made a comment like that?

  4. You're not vintage. Not even close. Way too young. Now me, I'm vintage!

  5. yeah, i think we should leave your doctor to ferment!!!

    but vintage, these days, is flavourful and hip. i know 25-year-olds more vintage than i am.


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