Wednesday, 17 December 2008

W = Wronged and Windows

I’ve decided to do two Ws today, as once I get to Z I think it will be the end of my A to Z.

W = Wronged

A couple of years ago I was involved in an employment law case. Without going into details, it was a case based on a complete misunderstanding. The other party felt wronged, and would not speak to me at the end of our negotiations. He said essentially although not in quite so many words, that I was lying to him (despite also admitting I had always treated him fairly), and firmly believed his own interpretation of events. There was no convincing him otherwise despite him being terribly wrong. I am very confident in the way I handled this. My conscience is completely clear. There was no other way I could convince him when he had already convinced himself of the exact opposite. But it saddens me. That there is someone in this world who believes I wronged him, and no doubt feels terrible about it. It haunts me, especially over the last few days, for some reason.

On a brighter note ...

W = Windows

A split second glimpse through a window, in the midst of a rushed day, a busy life, stops me. I breathe. And I smile. In all weathers and in all lights, I love the views from my windows. I love the grand old macrocarpa trees from the top of the stairs,
and the cabbage tree which finally appears to be splitting this year (after over 15 years),

the valley, and of course, my cats (even though Gershwin is in my bad books for jumping on my lap as I was typing on my new laptop, and ripping out the F7 key).


  1. Wronged: I was going to say it's that time of year for ruminating and then I remembered it's almost SUMMER where you are. But I'm doing the same thing.

    Windows: mostly just to say that the word macrocarpa makes me happy.

    I hope, if A to Z ends (mine is too, after I think of another Z), that you will continue on in some fashion...

  2. Wronged: A horrible, nagging feeling.

    Windows: Your views alone make me want to rent a room!

  3. What wonderful views you have from your windows. I'd never heard of a macrocarpa tree, but now I want to see one.


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