Saturday, 3 January 2009

Y = Year

Y = Year was going to cover 2008. I thought of all the things I’d done, the places I’d been, the people who had made the last year a good one for me. As I lay by the beach on my summer holiday, contemplating this post, I imagined (on my return home) industrially calculating how many litres of coffee I'd consumed, how many letters I'd blogged, how many stairs I'd climbed at the gym and at home, etc.

But it is now the 3rd day of 2009, my summer holiday is over, and so my thoughts are turning to 2009. What will this year hold for me?

I know there will be travel and celebrations (our 25th wedding anniversary and my husband’s 50th birthday), but I’d like to see some changes in our life.
  1. We're going to get out and about more. There is great theatre in Wellington, and we hardly ever go. Likewise, the art galleries. And plenty of bush walks (See 3 and 4 below).
  2. I’d like to end the procrastination.
  3. I’m sick of being scared of heights too. Note to consider hypnotherapy – especially as I’ve promised my husband I will join him on a balloon trip on safari in Africa.
  4. Weight loss. I am relatively fit but want to be fitter. I am tired of cringing every time I see a photo of myself. Picture this for the ideal summer holiday. The beach on Christmas day. Catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in several years who was staying at a bach nearby. She is of course petite, skinny and glamorous, men love her. One-on-one I can cope with that. But then she introduces me to her friend, also petite, skinny and glamorous, a TV dietician who was given the name “Evil Diet Witch.” Needless to say I got out of sight as soon as possible, home to champagne and the rest of our Christmas chocolates as solace. But no more! ... though I have to finish the Christmas cake and brandy-soaked mince pies first of course ...)
  5. Which brings me to a new hairstyle. Ditto re the photo. And if I cut my long hair off (sigh) I’m more likely to go to the gym every day.
  6. But most of all, I’d really like to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’m starting to feel a little stagnant, and need some new challenges. Feel as if I've been searching for a long time. Maybe some study. Maybe a different job (though even as I type this I scream silently at the thought of giving up my self-employed lifestyle). Maybe I’ll spend the first half of 2009 working on that.
Whatever, I know that I will share my year with you. It’s become an addiction. A forced reflection on life. A good habit. A connection with unmet friends.


  1. And we, of course, adore you, and don't know what we'd do if you stopped blogging.

    I have a question: If you cut off your long hair, why are you then more likely to go the gym everyday? Is your hair long enough that it's really a problematic maintenance issue? Is short hair really any less problematic? Just curious.

    Happy new year! (from someone else who wishes she was Doing More)

  2. I was a little worried about your disappearance, but I'm glad to hear that it involved sun and sand (even though annoyingly skinny people were also present).

    I had the same question as Indigo. And I also hope you don't decide to attend a 12-step program for your blogging addiction.

  3. Hair? Go to Helen's blog!

    Glad you're back...

  4. Short hair is harder than long, until long hair gets so heavy it falls out. Just my experience. I like my short hair but I have to work on it every day...

    These goals of yours, they sound completely attainable. Or at least in the "progress has been made" category.

  5. I'll start off (having read IB's blog now) by stressing these were not resolutions! I've only ever kept one in my life.

    Hair - I shoulda known better than to raise it as an issue! To answer the question - I have thick, stubborn, wavy hair. Long hair is only possible with my hair straightener, which tames it. I love it. I love my long hair. I have had fewer bad hair days with long hair than ever. But it takes time to do. So I have to plan. And gyming every day means washing hair every day.

  6. I've finally remembered to add this blog to my rss feed. I don't know why I didn't before. I meant to -- I think I just got caught up in reading the posts when I remembered to click on the link in IB's sidebar.

    It sounds so wonderful to spend Christmastime at the beach! In my next life I'll be born in New Zealand.

  7. Ah, Mali, that is a most helpful explanation. (And you made me realize that I've probably only kept one resolution in my life ever as well--and likely it was only because that decision had to be made anyway.)


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